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Bootstrap modal pane get response reference in onhide callback

user1995 Published in March 18, 2018, 5:11 pm

I am showing a bootstrap modal pane on Ajax response . It seems to work fine but i have an additional requirement to perform some custom validation based on the response object during closing of the modal pane. somehow i am not able to access the response object in onHide callBack.

$.when(ajaxMethod1(contextPath, _params) ).done( function(response){

               var statusCode = response["statusCode"];


                    case 'SUCCESS': BootstrapDialog.show({
                                            title: ModalPaneTitleSuccess,
                                            message: formatResponseInTabularForm(response),'SUCCESS',
                                            buttons: [{
                                                label: 'Close',
                                                action: function(dialogItself){
                                            onhide:function( event, ui ) {
                                                // ************* 
                                                //How can i access response object here , i need to perform some custom logic here once the modal pane is closed.
                                                // *************
                                                console.log(response);  ==> shows undefined                                     


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