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Grails passing object to gsp

user1363 Published in June 21, 2018, 10:16 am

I want to pass my database User object from controller to .gsp page so I can use it's properties in the view. Here's the controller code:

def login(String username, String password){
        def userList = getUserListFromDatabase();
        User usr = new User(username: username, password: password);
        println usr.username + '   ' + usr.password;
        username = params?.username;
        password = params?.password;
        println userList.size();
        for(User u : userList){
            println 'username: ' + u.username + ' password: ' + u.password;

            if(u.password.equals(password) && u.username==username){
                User user = u;
                flash.user = u;
                render (view: 'login.gsp');
                println 'user.username: ' + user.username;

        render 'login failed';

And that's how I'd like to show it in the view:

    <g:set var="now" value="${new Date()}"/>
    <g:set var="user"/>
        Login successful!<br/>
        User: ${user?.username}<br/>


What would be a proper way to pass the object with all it's properties to the view? I can't get to it.

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